What’s the ideal running stride to avoid injury?


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This week’s Jockology column in the Globe revisits a familiar question:

The question

Is there an ideal running stride, and can I learn it?

The answer

You may think running has more in common with day-to-day functions like breathing and eating than with more technical sports like golf or swimming: As kids, we learn how to run with no special instruction, just as our ancestors have for millennia. The result?

“Most people run very badly,” says Blaise Dubois, a Quebec City physiotherapist whose multi-day course on the prevention of running injuries has been drawing sellout crowds of health professionals, coaches and running enthusiasts around the world… [READ THE REST OF THE COLUMN]

I had a really interesting interview with Blaise Dubois for this article. We spoke for nearly 90 minutes — so of course, only a tiny fraction of the discussion made it into this article. Hopefully I’ll have time at some point in the next few weeks to go through my notes and write a blog post about some of the other things we talked about. Hat tip once again to this post from Pete Larson’s blog that convinced me to get in touch with Blaise.

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