Delhi 2010: WADA’s thoughts on Contador


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- Alex Hutchinson (@sweatscience)


I’ve arrived safely in Delhi, where I’ll be covering the Commonwealth Games for the next two weeks (and my accommodations are just fine, thank you very much!). My main mission will be to gather material for a couple of upcoming stories on cutting-edge sports science and medicine, but I’ll also blog regularly about what I see.

A quick taste before I head to bed: WADA held a press conference today featuring director general David Howman. He danced around a couple of questions about Alberto Contador, but he did say that he’s been happy with how the case has been handled, and hasn’t seen any evidence that cycling authorities have been procrastinating in pursuing the case (despite pointed accusations to the contrary by a German TV station). He also spoke briefly about what dopers are up to now — specifically microdosing (something that could well be relevant to Contador), sample manipulation (e.g. the Russian women caught giving someone else’s pee in 2008), and testosterone patches. Here’s a brief clip of him answering a question about how WADA scientists can hope to stay ahead of the cheaters (in which he demonstrates his high opinion of journalists!):