Champion Canada $500 giveaway: Cardio or Weights?


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- Alex Hutchinson (@sweatscience)


[UDPATE 2, May 20, 12:45 p.m. The winners of the three Champion Canada packages are Wendy, Morris and Amby Sony. Congratulations! The prizes were chosen by using to generate three random integers between 1 and 18, corresponding to the comment numbers. The input screenshot is here, and the winning numbers screenshot is here. If any of the winners are found to be ineligible (i.e. didn’t order the book!), a replacement will be drawn using the same method.]

[UPDATE: The contest is now closed. Many thanks to all who entered, and to Champion Canada!]

It’s exciting times here at Sweat Science: we’re now just a week away from the launch of my new book on the science of fitness and training, Which Comes First, Cardio or Weights? To celebrate, Champion Canada is offering $500 worth of prizes to readers of the blog. There will be three winners, each of whom will receive the following three items:

1. Ultimate 1/4 zip jacket with Double Dry technology
2. Double Dry short-sleeve tee 3. 4-way stretch woven pant

How to win:

The rules are pretty simple:

1. You have to pre-order a copy of Cardio or Weights? (links to various online pre-order options are available here) before Friday, May 20, 2011 at noon Eastern time.

2. Leave a comment below this post telling me whether you start with cardio or weights when you work out, and why. There will be a bonus prize (a signed copy of the book) for the best response.

Many thanks to the fine folks at Champion Canada for providing the prizes. You can become a fan of Champion Canada on Facebook, see more of their apparel at their website, or check out the videos on their YouTube channel.

The fine print:

  • You must be a Canadian resident to enter (sorry!).
  • Prizes will be drawn randomly on Friday, May 20, and the winners will be contacted by e-mail.
  • If you win, you’ll have to show me some evidence that you pre-ordered the book before the deadline — no retroactive ordering once you win!
  • If you’ve already ordered the book (or picked up an advance copy directly from me at a speaking event), you’re a wonderful person and you’re more than welcome to enter.
  • Prize packs will be mailed to you directly from Champion Canada once you’ve provided gender and sizing information.

20 Replies to “Champion Canada $500 giveaway: Cardio or Weights?”

  1. Just ordered — can wait for the book Alex! I always start with cardio (i.e. running)…because I don’t do weights. 🙂

  2. Just pre-ordered. I always start with cardio. Even when doing weights, a short cardio workout lets me forget the office, get focused, and think about the priorities for the upcoming strength session. Unless it’s January and freezing out, then I start with 5 minutes in the sauna to defrost after the walk to the gym!

  3. I pre-ordered too. Looks like a great book. I do mostly cardio, because weights seem like a chore.

  4. Hey Alex – before a strenght session, I always start with 15 min cardio on a rower. Easiest way for me to get a full body warmup.

  5. I don’t really do any cardio or weights per se… When I’m not doing sport-specific training, I do plyometrics-type stuff–does counts as doing cardio and weights at the same time? But I tend to do core work and balance/joint strengthening after conditioning, so I guess I fall on the cardio then weights side.

  6. Pre-ordered. I start with cardio, because if my arms get any more huge I’ll no longer be able to reach my mouth with a fork.

  7. Just ordered your book (May 16/2011) 0n Found out about you on

    I do weights first, contrary to the advice of the local opinions. It lets me limber up, allows time for my body to adjust to exercising and secondly I’m not sweating all over the weights and machines!
    Look forward to reading the book and finding out if I’m right or wrong

  8. Preordered the Kindle edition on May 6 🙂

    I do weights before cardio, because I enjoy them and I find it easier to measure my progression in terms of weights and reps.

  9. I have pre-ordered the book with . I start wit weights/ resistance work because I feel stronger before cardio. I will typically do 30 minutes of whatever pace i’m able to maintain depending on how energetic I feel. I also do some long walks and Bicycle rides in season. Basically I feel better doing strength work when I can push all out.

  10. Hey Alex. I’ve already started reading your book as I was fortunate to pick up an advance (signed) copy at the Toronto Goodlife Marathon Expo on Saturday (Thanks again). As a runner, you can imagine where I start (and finish) my workout…it’s all about the cardio! Easy, long, interval, fartlek, hills, tempo…no weights required! Additional weight means slower running so why bother?! A few core exercises maybe, but I won’t lift anything. Plus running has given me a great body with plenty of lean muscle mass. I loved your recent Jockology article because I’m a believer in “train low, compete high.” When I run with my club, we do hard workouts on 3 days of the week and thus I need to be well fueled and ready to go. But on my off days I always train immediately in the morning on an empty stomach and run semi-long (15-20k) which I think aids in overall endurance. Congrats on the book and on the amazing blog and column. Cheers.

  11. Looking forward to receiving a copy of your book. As a former amateur boxer, and a current fitness instructor specializing in functional training, I hate the idea of having to choose between cardio and weights. Several studies now have shown the Tabata protocol to increase both anaerobic and aerobic capacity considerably. The Tabata protocol (essentially, an all-out effort for 20 seconds followed by a 10-second rest, repeated 8 times) can be performed with any type of exercise, including exercises traditionally associated with strength training (e.g., kettlebell swings, thrusters, or push-ups). Would performing a thrusters Tabata be considered cardio or strength training? I guarantee anyone doing this consistently will develop muscle and yet, will at the same time, get a grueling lung busting and heart pounding–albeit short–cardio workout. I wouldn’t recommend this type of training (whereby cardio and strength training aren’t separate workouts) to marathoners, but for all other weekend warriors, or fitness enthusiasts simply aiming to be in the best physical shape to tackle everyday challenges, I don’t see a need to separate the two. In fact, I would argue, in many cases, it could be detrimental to achieving peak functional fitness.

  12. Just pre-ordered the book on I am so excited about meeting you at the Ottawa Race Weekend expo.

    I switch up whether I start with cardio or weights depending on what my fitness goals are the moment. If it’s the off season and I’m not getting ready for a race, I’ll start with weights. If I’m training for a race, running comes first. Of course, sometimes I’ll deliberately do a lower body weight-training session and then go for a run to simulate the tired legs feeling at the end of a half-marathon. My preference generally speaking is to separate the cardio and weights completely (i.e., to do them on different days) so that whatever I’m doing, I can bring my full attention and energy.

  13. I plan to buy it at your talk on June 6 – so a pre-plan rather than a pre-order. I’m good for it.

    Your question implies one does both cardio and weights. Alas, I am a 100 pound gym-avoiding weakling who sometimes manages a few planks and lunges and push-ups after a run. Sometimes = once every two weeks. This is why I need your book. I go to pilates of yoga on non- running days or several hours after an early weekend run.

  14. I tried to reserve your book from the Toronto Public Library, but they do not have your book pre-ordered yet so I am going to my local branch to make an official request that they purchase it. This way thousands, nay millions, can enjoy your words.

    I do cardio first because if I do weights first I afraid I won’t be able to hit my target pacing!

  15. I’m not entering because I have no money to order books (spent it on water bottles!) but will hopefully take advantage when Run42.2k gets it into the library!

    That said… I usually start with cardio and end with a some weights so I’m not completely fried. And I climb, as well, and I usually figure that’s kind of like weights too!

  16. Hi Alex
    Love the format of the book! Very accessible at the surface but then goes deep when needed and adds insight the cannot just be found using google searches. I would alternate starting with cardio and weights but do both during any workout session. Thanks for the great book!

  17. Hi Alex. I love to book! I usually do cardio and for one day a week I do weights. I’ve learned so much already from your book and your blog. My favorite is the thing about how sports drinks can have a benefit even if you spit them out.


  18. Hey Alex, I’ve already started reading your book, which combines a very engaging and accessible writing style with some highly thought-provoking and counter-intuitive findings in the realm of exercise science.

    Like the prototypical skinny distance runner, for years I completely neglected weights in favour of pure cardio, but last year I was finally persuaded that regular doses of weight training will actually improve my times on the track.

    I generally do weights after cardio because I find it to be the most efficient use of my time to do weights just before dinner, while I’m waiting for my food to cook. My kitchen is large enough to do pushups and crunches in there, but not to run for 30 minutes!

  19. Thanks to everyone for participating! I really appreciate it. Comments below this one are not eligible.

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