Being a sports fan in the Internet age


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- Alex Hutchinson (@sweatscience)


A quick plug for my cover story in the new issue of Maisonneuve magazine, a 5,500-word essay on how the relationship between sports fans and their heroes is changing in the Internet age. It’s a piece that I started developing as a writer-in-residence at the Banff Centre, which gave me the luxury of time to think about and research this idea in depth. The article itself isn’t available online, though the opening paragraph is posted — along with a YouTube clip of the 1500m final at the 1996 Canadian Olympic Trials, which was a pretty embarrassing moment for me but significant in terms of the ideas I look at in the article. You’ll have to read the article (in the paper version of the mag) to find out why!

3 Replies to “Being a sports fan in the Internet age”

  1. I suddenly feel much less self-conscious about the “chicken dance” I did on the start line of one of my most recent track races. Kudos for convincing the editor to give you 5,500 words!

  2. This list is great! The internet age certainly has changed a lot for sports fans! What about all the sports fan jerk that constantly tweet and update their status with sports updates. As a sports fan, it drives me crazy that the jerks give the game away via social media to all the people who might have to watch it later! Makes me so mad! See what I mean, click here!

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