Scott Jurek, the vegan ultrarunner


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- Alex Hutchinson (@sweatscience)


Interesting article in the New York Times about ultramarathoner extraordinaire Scott Jurek, who relies on a vegan diet to get the 5,000 to 8,000 calories per day that he needs. NYT food writer Mark Bittman (a.k.a. The Minimalist) invited Jurek over to cook a (delicious sounding) meal. My favourite paragraph from the piece:

He said he spent a great deal of time shopping, preparing and cooking food — and chewing. He is among the slowest and most deliberate eaters I know, and there is something about his determination at the table that is reminiscent of his determination on the road: he just doesn’t stop.

The article also notes Jurek’s quest to set an American record at the 24-Hour Run world championships in France, which are taking place as I type. According to Jurek’s Twitter account, he seems to have just taken the lead for the first time shortly after the 14-hour mark, from Japan’s Shingo Inoue (who had been on world-record pace through halfway, 5K ahead of Jurek).

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